Environmental Sustainability

La Casita del Centro lodging house uses energy saving lights in the premises of the lodging house in order to reduce energy consumption.

If you wish to cooperate with the efficient use of energy:

  • Turn off the light when leaving the room. Take advantage of natural light when it’s enough.
  • Do not leave battery chargers (such as cell phones) plugged in when not in use.

Economic Sustainability

The company helps the tourist growth of the city of Panguipulli and its surroundings, that is why in our check-in counter you can find brochures, contact information of tour operators for outdoor activities, among others.

If you want information on tourist attractions in the municipality, check in our reception for any information.

As an economic measure, Hostal la Casita del Centro hires personnel from the area of the city of Panguipulli in order to contribute to community growth.